Friday, May 30, 2014

Top Smartphones 2014 - Best 4 smartphones in 2014

hi everyone, today I’m here with a comparison between four top smartphones 2014 to see which one is the better.
Will I compare between Iphone 5s, HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, Samsung galaxy S5 and Moto X. Since they considered one of the top smartphones 2014.
Iphone 5s, HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, Samsung galaxy S5, Moto XBefore I begin to explain all the smartphones i'll give you these tips :

- If you’re on a budget and want a solid phone that runs near stock Android with the fantastic ergonomics the Motorola Moto X is the clear choice.
- If you don’t mind stepping up the price range the Samsung Galaxy S5 delivers a solid overall package with the great screen, lots of features and really impressive camera.
- While the screen is tiny the Iphone 5S is still a rock solid device with tons of power, a nice compact and lightweight from factor with fantastic build quality and an incredibly great camera.
- Even though each phone has perfectly valid reasons why you might want to pick over the others it wouldn’t be a comparison without a winner and for this one it’s going to be the HTC One M8. With excellent build quality, a great screen, awesome speakers and one of the best software experience out there the HTC One M8 is hard to beat. The biggest weakness is the only decent camera but when you put it all together the HTC One M8 is stellar package.

So let's talk about some of the features of each smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 does not differ much from the form S4, but technical in Galaxy S5 advanced more than Galaxy S4, in terms of quality became better than before. It also features a flat-screen high-quality FHD 5.1 Super AMOLED 10880 × 1920.
- Contains a very powerful battery 2800 mAh.
- High quality camera 16 megapixel very strongly, and front cam 2.1 megapixel strongly.
- The advantage of giving voice commands for mobile phones.
- Is characterized by a very powerful battery 2800mAh.
- Contains a fingerprint scanner.
Samsung Galaxy S5
The HTC One M8

HTC announced about her Smartphone expected "HTC One M8", and which carries specifications unmatched.
The phone HTC One M8 made of metal by 90 percent, with more rounded corners than the previous version.
- Multi-Touch screen Super LCD3 measuring 5-inch Full HD accurately 1080/1920 pixel density of 440 pixels per inch.
- Dimensions of the phone with a thickness of 9.4 Millimeters weight of 160 grams.
- RAM 2GB.
- Internal storage of 16 or 32 GB, and phone support for external memory cards microSD, up to 128 GB.
- Two cameras in the background, the first 4-megapixel camera technology accurately Ultra Pixel and the second to support the imaging advantages in focus and depth of the images.
- Front Cam 5 Megapixel wider viewing angle.
HTC One M8 Google Play Edition
iPhones 5S

iPhone 5s is the first smartphone in the world that comes with processor 64-bit.
- Ram 1GB.
- Internal storage space 16 or 32GB.
- Support networks fourth generation 4G LTE.
- Rear camera accurately 8 megapixel 3264 × 2448 pixels camera supports 1080p and 1.2 megapixel    front camera supports 720p.
- Operating System iOS7.
Iphone 5S From Apple

Moto X

Phone stylish and has a distinctive wooden background, featuring a sleek design, and slightly curved screen.
- Screen 4.7 "AMOLED 720p.
- 2GB of RAM.
- 32GB of internal capacity with 50GB of cloud storage via Google Drive for two years.
- 10.5 megapixel camera in back.
- 10.5 megapixel camera in back.
-  The fourth generation communication technologies.

Motorola Moto X From Google 2014

So, what is the top smartphone 2014 that suits you best ? Let me know in the comments !!