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iPhone 5s Camera Review - Best Test Camera

The new iPhone 5S one of the most powerful Smartphones for this year, because it came back strongly and the advantages of the new. 
In this topic I'll be doing a iPhone 5s camera review, so let take a look at the new camera on the IPhone 5S.
On the back we have the same 8 megapixel sensor found on the iPhone 5, however it easy larger takes all has a larger aperture which allows more light.

Apple iphone 5s camera review and test

So Apple claims that is 33% better, she’ll get deathly better lighting in low light situations in clear photos, however in normal light and good light situations it’ll be around the same as the previous gen iPhone 5.
The iPhone 5S have a new apps in his camera, and it has be bunch of different new features and filters to choose from, you can see that by going back to you have photos square video, you can choose the select the filter that you want, and also has a slow-motion video found only on the iPhone 5S

Apple iphone 5s camera review and test

The iPhone 5S has more on a simplistic easy to use camera interface inside the IOS camera application.
when you open up the new camera app on the iPhone 5S, you will be able to use Superburst feature which will you record a 120 frames per second at 720p HD and this very cool if you’re trying to capture some action.
Now the new camera on the iPhone 5S also has a larger sensor which can equal to larger pixels and also has an aperture a as 2.2 and Steph F.4 like on the old iPhones.
The iPhone 5S also has a treat on flash which is a way LED an amber LED shooting out the same time. And the software will do all the color temperature adjustments and everything, and pretty much the goal is to get the best picture possible and make the flash as lifelike as possible, and from the tset it looks very nice and it’s not as obvious that you’re using now just a camera flash from your phone, overall looks really nice and I’m sure guys will be happy with the results.

Apple iphone 5s camera review and test

Now the camera quality is amazing and you’re able to capture the moments quickly especially the G-seven processor that camera opens up really fast and focuses on everything. . And you’re good to go and can capture that special moment with the continuous burst mode or the slow motion video, overall if you’re looking at the iPhone 5 camera and the iPhone 5s camera it’s a large improvement, you get more like you get more detail and in the end you get a better quality picture, the pictures are very sharp.

Apple iphone 5s camera review and test

In my opinion the iPhone 5S camera is one the best, is very high up there next to the lumia 1020 and overall the camera functions well is fast and gets the job done.
I hope enjoy this  Iphone 5S Camera Review.

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