Monday, June 9, 2014

HTC One Camera Review - HTC One M8 Camera Test

Today i'll show you an in-depth camera test on the HTC One camera review.
In this topic I'll be running through the interface at the camera application. So let’s go ahead and take a look.
HTC One Camera Review for the smartphone HTC One M8

So I see me know in the HTC One M7, HTC took a different approach to the camera, into going to towards the higher megapixel raise such as Samsung, Sony and most other companies are going to words they decide to step back from that angle with the lower megapixel camera, that believed to be better images. This way HTC calls the pixel camera with the sensor size above one third of an inch f2.0 aperture and in twenty eight millimeter lens, and the top he was gonna additional crazy looking camera and what that is for is to capture depth information on each image if you take allowing you to focus after take the image in also add some cool facts. However what is special about the altar pixel camera is the pixel size coming in at 2.0 microns as opposed to a 1.1 or 1.4 microns pixel they your traditionally fine in higher megapixel cameras. I’m I doing so HTC claims that he is able to capture much more light into each pixel.
On the front facing camera you have a 5 megapixel camera and also the ability to record HD video.

HTC One Camera Review for the smartphone HTC One M8

So now we're going to take a look at the camera application with sense six, it did come with quite a few improvements both visually and functionality, and you could see they do give me quite a bit of customization in terms of taking images. From different scenes changing ISO your with balance setting even and also stuff like you live filters.

HTC One Camera Review for the smartphone HTC One M8

You can also go into the additional settings to pick the different places where you want storey images weather is on your storage or your SD card, your camera options different functions for the volume button where do you want that to start recording, taking a pictures and just some stuff like that, and also your flash on the top with you want to have it on of or automatic.

HTC One Camera Review for the smartphone HTC One M8

Moving on to the video you could still have all the customization when it comes to the ISO the white balance a well as Eli filters and again you have all your settings in terms of the grid.
You can also see that the switcher interface is also a revamped in my pay, it looks great with the rounded layout, you every Zoe camera which again personally I never really found myself using on the HTC One M8

HTC One Camera Review for the smartphone HTC One M8
And you can also soak through the screen to switch between the front and the back facing camera, and the front facing camera Mon is actually called self the mode which automatically has a timer to take the images. An easy tool capture mode you could take images or video from the front and back facing camera at the same time, gray for bloggers out there and a feature that we first saw introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

HTC One Camera Review for the smartphone HTC One M8

Last be also of the pan 360 function which is pretty much identical to the concept photosphere foreseen on Nexus devices line you take pretty much 360-degree images, but that does take quite a few minutes.
I hope that you have benefited from this HTC One camera Review.

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